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How to add money to your USD wallet with Bank Transfer
How to add money to your USD wallet with Bank Transfer
A Fun Guide to Topping Up Your Coinprofile USD Wallet with a Bank Transfer
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Follow these simple steps and you'll have your wallet filled with dollars in no time:

First, log into your Coinprofile account (whether you're using a mobile device or a PC, we've got you covered). Head on over to your dashboard and click the exciting "Add money" button.

Now, choose 'Pay with Bank' as your payment method, pick 'USD' as your currency, and give that 'Next' button a tap.

Once you arrive at the Voucher screen, go ahead and click 'Create Voucher'. Tell us how much moolah you'd like to add by entering the amount, then hit 'Next'.

Take a moment to review your payment details. Remember, there's a 1% fee (minimum of $5) when adding money. Once you're ready to roll, click 'Make Payment'.

You'll be whisked away to our payment partner's page. Make sure to read all the messages so everything goes swimmingly. Then, tap 'I understand'.

Time to choose your transfer adventure: sending USD from a US bank or a Non-US bank. Pick your preferred option. For our US Bank account friends, use ACH or Wire. Non-US Bank account pals, you'll want to use SWIFT.

Now, copy the account details with care. Be sure to include the MEMO exactly as shown in the ‘memo’ or ‘instructions’ or ‘reference’ field of your bank transfer. Remember, no other info is needed. After sending the money from your bank, give that 'I’ve made payment' button a click. Clicking 'I’ve made payment' will reveal the next steps in your top-up journey.

Keep an eye on your bank for the transaction status. Banks have different processing times, ranging from 1 day to 1 week. Remember, your bank sets the transfer speed. Pro tip: ACH and WIRE transactions are usually zippier than SWIFT, but only for USD banks.

Once Coinprofile confirms your payment, you'll get an email containing a voucher code. Click 'Redeem Voucher' and watch the magic happen! Your voucher code should autofill and be redeemed to your USD wallet. If it doesn't, no worries! Just copy the code from your email and paste it into the redeem voucher screen.

And there you have it! Follow these steps, and you'll be swimming in dollars in no time. Happy top-up adventures!

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