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USD Virtual cards FAQs
USD Virtual cards FAQs

Questions we get asked a lot about Virtual USD cards

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  • How do I set up and fund my card?

Firstly, you need to fund your USD balance, verify your card identity, then fund your card from your USD balance.

  • What are the fees involved with my card?

    Here is a breakdown of our fees:

    • Card Creation Fee: 1 USD

    • Funding Fee: 1.5 USD Minimum Funding Amount: 5 USD

    • Monthly Maintenance Fee: 3 USD (Only when you have made at least 1 transaction in a month)

    💡 These fees are paid directly to our card issuer. We don't make any money from them

  • How many cards can I create?

    You can create only one virtual card, but we’re working on allowing you to create multiple cards.

  • Is there a card limit?

    Yes, there is a monthly spend limit of $25K

  • What happens after I reach my $25K limit?

    You will have to wait till the following month to continue spending with your card.

  • Can I use the virtual USD cards for local stores in Nigeria?

    No, the virtual cards can only be used in international stores that accept US dollars.

  • Does it work with Apple Store?

    If your region on your apple device is set to Nigeria, USD cards will not work. To use it with Apple Store, you need to change your region to the United States.

  • Are there going to be physical cards?

    Yes, we are working on bringing physical cards in the nearest future.

  • Where can I lodge a complaint, if any?

    You can reach out to us via [email protected] and tap on the Get Help button on your dashboard. We are swift to respond!

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